Monday, June 30, 2014

So, moving on..

Hey, so we moved!
In the last couple of months,
our little family packed up the 
little grey house with the orange living room,
and left humid Oklahoma for humid Missouri.
I have tried to write a few posts on it,
but took my sweet time in posting them, so now, we are just moving on.

When we first got here, we spent two days moving into
our temporary housing (my in-laws, Thanks Kev and Deb)
and packing for our 10 day stint in the Colorado mountains at Camp Como.

Levi helped his dad out with a week of High School camp,
and the girls and I just tagged along for fun!
We explored, drew in our nature books, which soon turned into princess books,
hiked, lunched in tiny towns,
made new friends, 
and played till the sun was behind Little Baldy
(the 12,000 ft peak I climbed!)

We stayed in an old barn,
waking up way early as the sun blazed through our windows.
Every single morning all five of us would snuggle in one bed waiting for it to be time to get up and out for breakfast.
At night I would sit outside our cabin, waiting for littles to fall asleep,
 reading, and seeing the most spectacular skies.
I am thankful for our time there,
exploring some place new,
seeing God's beautiful mountains,
walking through peaceful trails between aspens.
I loved the simplicity of being there,
I never knew the time,
never stressed about meals,
left my phone off and in my room most days,
I was unplugged more than I ever have been,
and it was wonderful!

Now that we are back home,
I am trying to remain intentional about 
spending less time in front of a screen,
spending more time playing
and making memories with the girls,
and meeting God without distractions!

Have fun this week! Shoot off a Roman Candle for me!

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