Thursday, August 1, 2013

little letters

Dear August,
Welcome! I am excited for all you have waiting for us!
More warm summer days,
more grilling,
and to finish you off,
a breathtaking mountain wedding.
You're going to be good.

Dear Humidity,
Just stop.

Dear Girls,
Let's just play all day.
I am excited for our "beach" party.
You have been great readers this summer!

Dear Crepe Myrtles,
Thank you for your blooms that greet me every morning.
And thank you for blooming when summer is at its meltiest.

Dear Levi,
We're going on a date this month!
And I look forward to our 13 hour car trip together,
it's some of my favorite time with you.

Dear Self,
You should probably get started on planning your 
preschool lessons.
Always with the procrastination.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your faithfulness and love.
Help me to be more like you.



  1. Amen on you letter to humidity! Yuck! I'm also looking forward to a fun, busy nephew, Hannah's birthday, friends having babies! Are you going to be teaching preschool somewhere or are you going to be homeschooling your girls?

    1. Maggie, hi!! Sounds like you have a very fun August coming up!! Enjoy! I am planning on doing preschool with m little ones at home! I am trying to do a Montessori style, roughly. Sonora is pretty much ready for Kindergarten so we are working on honing those skills as well! Thanks for reading ARH!

    2. That's great! I really like the Montessori has intrigued me since college when I did a big presentation on it in one of my education classes. I'm working on getting a "school" room and "curriculum" set up for Hannah as well, as she's ready for a simple preschool routine too...3 year old style. :) Good luck with everything!