Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Mornings

Today, like every other Monday,
was Wal*Mart run day.
I try to hurry to get there ahead of the crazies,
I think some live there though.
But, seriously, some of the sweetest people 
shop Monday morning with us.
It is always fun to run into a few older couples 
that truly encourage me 
while I tote around my three girls.
I feel like they get it,

"Cherish every moment"

"Three girls so close in age,
they will be the best of friends"

"You are doing a fine job raising them,
they behave so well!"

Then Nora girl always pipes up with the latest Greer news,

"I brought my bunny purse,
with money in it, because I am going to ride the horse!"

"My mom said we could watch Justice League with my Dad today!"

"Have you seen Despicable Me 2? It is so funny,
although the purple guys can be scary,
so be careful"

And the Cord has started chiming in too,

"Despicable Me is my Favorite!"

"I can't find my bear purse"

"Look at my shoes!"

Pip just usually squawks or 
does her bashful smile.

I love these people that find it necessary to remind me each week,
how great my kids are, and what blessings I have in them.

I love that my girls are excited to tell these kind people about themselves.

I love that I get to sit here before lunch,
with a cup of creamy coffee,
watching a thunderstorm roll in,
and tell you about the really great people in the world.

1 comment:

  1. That's so cool, Eden. You must be doing a wonderful job to get compliments while going grocery shopping, as that really is testing for kids. :-P Way to go! And your girls sound just wonderful!
    We always go early Monday mornings, too, and there are always quiet, older couples in that smile so much. What an encouragement that generation is!