Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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This week is quite a bit different from my usual portrait posts.

This is my life.

This is when I pull our cozy, sage chair to the rays of warm afternoon sun, streaming through the window, grab my Bible, "Give Thanks" journal, and think,
a few minutes is all I need.

But then, Nora Girl gets her feelings hurt, 
because sometimes having younger sisters is frustrating.
Come here, sweet girl.

Soon after, the Cord yells, scratch that, screams, 
"Pen-nay, NOOOOOO!" at her baby sister's attempts to make her laugh
 by knocking over her toys.
Come here, Cordie girl.

Then, Pip realizes her sisters have gone to do something else,
without her, (the nerve!) and runs into where they are,
whining because despite how it appears,
 she really just wants to be with them.
Come here, Penny Lee.

This is Nora girl smiling sweetly and trying to make her baby sister smile by tickling (feels quite a bit more like scratching) her sister's neck.
This is the Cord, laughing because she is trying to tickle me, and I told her I was going to take her down if she didn't stop.
This is Pip yelling for Nora to stop digging her nails into her little neck
and  for Cordie to give her more room on Mama's lap.

This is me, my legs hurt from the weight of a full lap,
but my heart is filling with joy at the three, for the most part healthy (grr allergies!!!),
funny, kind, vibrant girls who love being with me.
These three gifts the Lord gave to us,
to laugh with, to snuggle, to teach, to grow, to send, to love,
and I am so thankful to be their mama.

And the minutes that surrounded this photo, full of tears, laughing, chatting,
and smooches were exactly the few minutes I needed.

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