Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sonora's Tulip

Last week, I posted a photo on instagram
 and titled it, "Sonora's Tulip.
Today, I want to share my little story that goes along with that photo.

We love the library, we go on a weekly basis,
and this time of year is my favorite.
There are tulips all over the place,
brilliant white, deep violet, vibrant yellows and oranges.
Tulips are my very favorite flower,
standing up straight, cupping sunlight.

Last week, Sonora found a picked tulip bud, laying in the dirt, 
she scooped it up and asked if we could save it.
I wanted to see if we could try, so we brought it home with us,
and filled up my blue mason jar with cool water and placed it inside.
Over the next few days the stem that was limp and weak, grew strong and straight,
the bud grew bigger quickly, then burst into the most beautiful white blossom I have seen.
The morning it bloomed, Sonora yelled, "Mom, we did it! We saved it!"

This week on our way back to our car, Sonora was scouring the earth for more dying buds.
She found one and it is now in a glass half full of clean water by our kitchen window.
I love her tender spirit, she who loves to care for all things.


Which, got me thinking about how as Christ followers
we should search intently, scour the ground, for those that need our help,
not simply wait for them to find us.
Then scoop them up, give them the Living Water

and watch them stand up straighter and bloom into the beautiful creation 
He intended them to be.
Then we'll cry out together, "Father, we did it! We saved them!"

Just my thoughts, I hope you have a fantastic day!

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