Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mama day

I have two amazing moms in my life,
 I am one to three,
and maybe someday more.

We celebrated over three days which was really nice,
and it was funny to us when our three year old asked us if 
it was still mother's day last night.

We had Chinese and shopped at Target friday,
I picked up another grey tshirt, ha!
We celebrated with Gram and Pops on saturday
with a soccer game and homemade vanilla cupcakes with
chocolate raspberry frosting.
(seriously, buy this cookbook)
And on Sunday, I was showered with pieces of art,
a gift of 50 promises, and cheeseburgers,
(showered with cheeseburgers, ha, I only ate one but while rereading this it made a funny visual for me)
and finished the day with hanging out with some sweet friends.

However among all the sweetness and love,
there were fits thrown and sleepless nights,
which is what being a mom is all about.
I cannot truly appreciate the fullness and joy of motherhood,
without experiencing some sadness and guilt.
I am thankful to be reminded of His grace on a daily basis.
I can't be a mama without God.
I am so thankful that I get have my best friend help me.

I hope all you mothers, aunts, grandmothers, best friends
know that the love you pour into any children is 
truly a gift.
Thank you for giving constantly!

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