Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn On Purpose

Last night was the first night of autumn,
the air was crisp, so I cozied up on the golden couch, 
under blanket, beanie on, and browsed Pinterest for all things
spiced, misty, and homey.
In the midst of all the muted butterscotch palettes, and hearty crockpot stews,
I came upon a picture with a bronze sun flare, a woman dressed in plaid (my favorite!),
and three words, "Autumn on Purpose".
I was curious so I clicked the link and read
a post from a blog I have never visited before about 
living with intention this season,
in hopes that it will carry on throughout other seasons.
I signed up for the email each week,
a joined the "season long challenge to live with intention"
shut the laptop, went to bed and didn't think any more of it.

Early this morning, I woke up, shuffled to the window, unlatched it, 
and took a deep breath in the cool, crisp air,
and smiled.
I set up a movie for my girls to wake up to, and set off to
fix my morning drink of choice, 
Americano with a splash of 2% milk.
I opened my email and my first AOP message was there.
I couldn't read it fast enough,
I pulled my blanket around my shoulder, allowed the 3 year old crawl into my lap,
 and felt the words 
settle into my heart and mind.
Laken, the author of the Peach and Humble blog,
(I feel weird addressing her by name),
challenged all of us subscribers to find our intentions for the autumn,
pointing out that my plans of visiting an orchard, pumpkin patch playing, and cider,
are goals, not intentions.

"Intentions are not goals like "go apple-picking" or "have a bonfire with family" -- although I love those things and love setting seasonal goals.  But rather, season-long intentions are bigger, more sustainable and more focused on the present moment.  I love what Jess Livelysays, "If your intention can be finished or completed, it's not an intention, it's a goal."  Truly, your intentions will probably span longer than this fall, but I believe that setting intentions that accompany each season gives us a chance for re-evaluation and change every few months."

She broke it down into a step by step process for setting these intentions,
and asks us to write them down where they will be seen every day to help us evaluate the things we let into our life, so we can live more purposeful, less busy lives.
So, here I sit working on my own list,
to help focus my intentions this season,
so I don't let the goals and transitions,
get in the way of what is truly important in my life.
My intentions with my family, our home, my ministry, and myself, 
clearly, simply stated to help fix my focus throughout this wonderful season.
I was greatly encouraged, and thought I would pass this along.
To sign up simply fill out the small info form at the bottom of this post,
and let me know, so we can do this together!


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