Monday, September 8, 2014

funky monday...

But, seriously, am I the only one feeling this? Maybe.
Oh my stars, please stop whining Pip!!
So, this list is for me,
you are welcomed to read it,
maybe make your own,
but I am reminding myself of the many simple and wonderful blessings today.

School has been going rather well, once I lower my expectations for the day, ha!
Last friday we were spending some fun time with some family, and while asking my cousin about school and her replying with a grimace and telling me why she wasn't a fan,
Nora girl piped up and said, "I really love my school."
My heart, this girl knows how to make Mama cry.

My dearest friend, just had her baby boy, and I can't wait to snuggle him!
It is an amazing thing to pray so consistently for a sweet family this week,
and watch God answer with an abundance of love!

Saturday morning we spent with the windows open, listening to light rain,
feeling the chill, drinking cappuccinos, being all sorts of lazy. 

Morning/Evening FaceTime chats with my sister in law who lives in Japan, swapping funny stories about our kids, watching those same kids see each other via the internet, and her encouraging me through this time of transition for our family. She is pretty great!

Today I like sitting outside eating chocolate, watching nature explorers find new things and figure out what they are. All during Pip's nap!

And when your house won't sell, your poison ivy won't go away, and your toddler won't stop hitting, these things are really helpful to remember. 

Thank you Jesus for these kids, my family, and my life, and help me to hand over my burdens, recognize they are out of my control and focus on you, the good in my life You give.

And because today I need a reminder that she isn't always crying/hitting/yelling/whining/pooping/destroying/taking/spitting/throwing.


  1. Eden, this is a perfect thought for today. Thanks for being so transparent, while still working hard for a good attitude. I admire this and want to start my own list today!

    1. Thanks Aanna!! And for Pip's sake, she had about 30 min after her nap where she was pleasant.

  2. Friend, you write so beautifully! Great reminder that we need to change our perspective at times, to see the good instead of being weighed down by what's not going well! Love you and am praying for you!