Thursday, May 26, 2016

beginning a new season

Here I am, again, 
sitting at this little notebook,
wanting to write out a few feelings,
thoughts, and experiences as of late.
I am peering out of our big, dining room windows,
at the smoky thunderclouds rolling in,
in our new quirky cottage under the big oak tree.
Occasionally, I am snapped out of a day dream to the shrieks
and laughter of the girls dancing in their dainty bedroom 
which is now a good mix of 
Pale Green,

Outside, the cool wind is dancing through the trees,
 grasping at little leaves and carrying them across my view.
For the past three weeks, this has been our home,
we are settling slowly, into a new place,
with new faces, places, and food, good good food. 
This little place has lots of little rooms, 
and every room needs a little bit of love.
And I hope to document the changes and love added here, 
because I am excited at the transformations taking place in the near future.

When we bought this house, we had such a mix of feelings,
it wasn't the giddiness of the first house, 
it wasn't the easy excitement of a brand new house
(and this house is no Schuber Mitchell),
it was eagerness to live together in our new city,
it was nervousness about taking on a "fixer upper" without Chip and Jojo's help,
it was a bummer at the state of the little place,
and the constant flood of ideas for the potential.
So quietly, holding hands, we waded into this new season together.

But it is merely "brick and mortar" a place to be together,
and even though it needs quite a bit of love 
and the backyard has been let go for +5 years,
thats enough time for random small trees to be a nuisance, 
we have lots of love for it!

For Mother's Day this year I asked for flowers to plant,
I will be asking for this every year.
By our little lamp post,
which is constantly covered in bird poo from a fat, greedy robin,
my girls each picked a flower,
yellow dahlias,
light pink petunias,
and violet bacopas,
to plant. 
Right out of my dining room window, I get to watch those flowers,
(and that robin, he has become just a silly bird to us),
and I am thankful for this quirky place,
this neighborhood with its tall trees and kind folk,
this city and our season to love well here.


  1. Ah! It feels so good to "hear" your voice. Thank you so much for writing. It means a lot to be able to picture you there in that house with your lovely family. Also, your writing is beautiful.

  2. It agree with Aanna completely and can't wait to hear/see more of your new home and season of life!