Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Kitchen Update

When we bought this little quirky ranch,
the first thing we knew we needed to tackle was the kitchen.
It had no dishwasher, (gasp*)
moldy rotted out cabinets, (the horror*)
a pipe sticking out of the wall and into the cabinet, (what the huh?*)
and its overall look was pretty weird and depressing, (all right let's do this!)

We felt that we wanted to use a practical IKEA kitchen for our little space,
I wanted a cottage kitchen look, open shelves, white cabinets, farmhouse sink,
all desires IKEA could deliver!
So we got to planning, spent a couple hours purchasing,
drove back home with our sink in our car,
and waited to find some professionals who could help us get that pipe back in the wall
and who could wire an outlet for a dishwasher.
We demoed, added a door to the pantry/laundry/mud room,
scraped and painted, 
had a wonderful electrician (Tate & Sons, Louisville people!) 
and an incredibly kind plumber (Jamie Beeler Plumbing!) fix our problems,
painted the existing vinyl flooring, and began installing our new kitchen.

It was really discouraging and tough on some days, 
but I am so thankful and pleased 
every time I step into our little kitchen, 
and if I am ever ungrateful, 
I need to pull out this post to remind me 
of what it used to be,
and how for a month I washed dishes in the backyard. 
Enjoy the crazy transformation:

When you first walk into our galley kitchen,
this is the photo that was on the listing,
note the fly tape hanging in the laundry space.

taken by the listing agent

this is real lighting, not wide angle, when we first moved in, no dishwasher.
door, hidden dishwasher, open shelves, freshly oiled butcher block, ahhh*

Then you turn and look at the other side,

taken by listing agent
just a dreary mess, got some good use out of that pizza stone
in this project.

so much to love in this photo!!

Looking straight down the galley,

taken by listing agent
that door makes a world of difference,
and still need to finish that piece of trim.
We aren't fully finished with this project,
but it is beautiful and functional already!
We hope to add backsplash, finish some of the trim work,
touch up the floor, and maybe change out some lighting.
It is so fun to work in this kitchen now!

If you have any questions on that how to of any of our projects,
(painting a floor, working with an IKEA kitchen, butcher block care, etc.)
let me know and I would love to help!

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