Sunday, March 24, 2013

it's spring, blerg.

Spring is my least favorite season.
Seriously, I don't get very excited about spring.
In fact, I almost dread Spring,
because to me, Spring = Tornado Season.
(WHY did the Lord send us to the middle of Tornado Alley??)
So, because I have been a very negative person this past week,
and because Spring doesn't always "blow", (hehe, cheesy pun! okay... I am a dork.)
here are the senses I am experiencing that help get me through spring.

Seeing: Flowering and budding trees 
     The way white peeps through the still bare forests, sigh* well done, Oklahoma.

Smelling: rain, chilly rain. Ahhh...
     They can't even bottle the scent. They try, but it's nothing like the real thing.

Tasting: Hot coffee
     It's so nice when the mornings are chilly and a steaming cup of coffee just gets you going.
    +plus!+ it's the season for CADBURY CREAM EGGS! Boo ya!

Hearing: The Weepies 
      Some music just helps set the tone of the season.  Nickel Creek and Phoenix are trusty 
      companions too.

Feeling: Cold, warm, then hot, then freezing, yes, let's build a fire. 
      Seriously, the  weather is crazy, I know. But when I get to start my morning snuggling 
      my girls, then playing outside in the warm sun, even shed some layers, and end the day
      cuddled up with my husband on the couch, it's a good FANTASTIC day. 

the older girls finding their favorite first flowers of Spring.

Here's what I want you to take away from this post

Tornadoes = bad, scary, boo hiss
Spring = tolerable... okay, maybe a little, ... tiny bit... fun?
Snuggling = great past time 
Eden = a dork with good taste in music

What helps you get through spring? and if you love Spring, um why?

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