Sunday, March 10, 2013

top 10 on the 10th

Things I never thought I would say...
as a parent.

Image via Nathan Ripperger

1. If you keep sticking your fingers in your mouth while you eat, you WILL bite yourself.

2. Did you stick Jessie's hair up your nose?

3. If you sit in the chair again, you will go to timeout.

4. No! Stop sitting on my head!

5. Umm... because I'm bigger.

6. Don't lay down in a parking lot.

7. We have to wear underpants everyday.

8. Get off of me you have throw up in your hair.

9. Slugs won't kill you. 

10. Stop putting ponies in your pants. 

What are some of the ridiculous things you have found yourself saying to your kids?

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