Monday, March 4, 2013

my kids rock

this weekend was hard.
I was tired, grumpy, and wanted to wallow in self-pity.
(seriously, ask my man)

the girls all needed attention, constantly.
the bathroom needed to be primed.
the kitchen needed a good scrub.
the laundry needed to be folded.
the garden needed some care.
the meals needed to be made.
and the mama, 
well she needed a good ol' long nap.

and I am happy to report, that the bathroom is painted, 
(still working on the ceiling though)
the laundry is put away.
we ate, good, 
and the busy girls got lots and lots of snuggles, loves,
time outs, and play from their mama and daddy.

no, I did not get a nap. 
when my oldest brought me some flowers 
after playing outside tonight.
this mama feels refreshed, content, and loved.

So, this weekend was hard, 
it was full of good good things.

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