Saturday, June 29, 2013


WARNING: this post is pretty sappy. and so am I.

Today at 10:00 am EST 
marked the sixth year anniversary of a special day.
My whole family knew what I didn't.

I remember sitting on the couch,
waiting on my sister to get ready.
She had asked me to go to the mall with her,
so I just threw on the ol' reliable
t-shirt + skirt
combo and started watching The Ellen Show.
My sister asked me, "Are you wearing that?!"
Umm...yea, I am not trying to impress anyone,
it's Eastgate.

Then the doorbell rang.
At the door is a boy,
(He was only 21, feels like forever ago)
my favorite boy,
 holding deep red roses.
He surprised me again!
( I thought he was in Illinois)
I invite him in,
simply thrilled he is at my house,
totally unaware of what was next!

Between being mauled by my parent's fourth child,
Keeper, an Australian Shepherd,
Ellen yelling some funny quips, 
and Ashlyn poking her head around the corner,
he asks to step back outside,

I don't remember any of what was said next,
I just started to feel so giddy.
I remember the perfect ring sparkled in its box,
I remember how his face looked,
I remember how we both were shaking,
and then I said,
(NOT what I had planned on saying. I may have practiced after our first date, yep, SAP)

pictures the next day (note:I was dressed better)
That day rocked!
 I hope to always remember it! 
And I get to, whenever I glance at my left hand,
adorned with that same glittering ring.


Both my sister and brother will be getting married this year!
Both were engaged within a week of each other this past month.
I am so thrilled for both of them,
I cannot wait to hug both their necks!
(and their fiancés as well)
It is such a special time for them,
and I find myself reliving that same giddiness I felt
6 years ago.

Because marriage is work,
and working with your best friend
is pretty awesome.
I am always thankful,
that he chose me, and 
that I said,
(even if it sounded a little unrehearsed and goofy)

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