Monday, December 30, 2013

full of Christmas

That was a crazy Christmas!
We drove for miles and miles to arrive at my parents house.
Lots of movies watched, cheerios thrown,
and "Are we in Cincinnati (pronounced Cinsimmatti) yet?" asked.

Upon arriving, it was a blur of a Wedding weekend.
My older sister promised herself to my new brother,
and I couldn't be any happier for them.
It was a beautiful night,
exhausting, but simply beautiful.

Sunday, my sweet mother took Nora girl
to the Nutcracker ballet performed by the Cincinnati Ballet.
The rest of us stayed behind and played games with family 
and snacked on 
truffles (leftover wedding favors) 
and Graeter's Ice Cream.

Tuesday, we saw the movie Frozen,
and absolutely loved it.
We dressed up in our fancy clothes and 
attended the Christmas Eve service at my home church.
Mostly, in the lobby, ha!
It was wonderful to see my childhood friends
and church family.

Christmas day,
my favorite!
I spent most of the night in my daughters' bed due to bad dreams,
and woke up to my 
22 year old brother,
sneaking in at 7:30 to wake up the girls for presents.
(He and his sweet wife stayed at my parents house for more hang out time!)
After waking up everyone in the house,
gifts were torn into,
 squeals and "thank you"s exchanged, 
and then we feasted on pancakes!!
My mother happens to make the best pancakes in the world!

We sat all day by the fire, talking,
watching movies, and resting.
We feasted on peppercorn pork loin, mashed potatoes,
peas and corn, cranberry sauce,
hundreds of rolls,
and chocolate creme pie for dessert!
It took hours for the girls to calm down for bed that night. 
It was perhaps the fault of the 48" Superman
my brother bought for the Cord.
I think they just wanted Christmas to last forever!

uncle bubba and his gift for Cordie
We drove back the next day,
and stopped at Levi's family's new home,
for a couple nights of more feasting and presents.

We have had a whirlwind of a Christmas,
but exchanged so much love,
support and joy,
we feel full,
tired, but full.

I am thankful for you all!

Please bear with me for lack of pictures, I have a new camera and have yet to procure a way to transfer my photos!

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  1. I loved reading this! Your writing so descriptive, I love seeing everything unfold. :)