Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello December!

I really really love all that you have to offer,
I just wished you could have spared the nasty cold bug.

And in my sweet Nora's words,
"I hate fevers. Fevers are stupid...
I can say that because everyone thinks so."
I think she just wanted to use the word "stupid".

But we are on the mend,
and the other night we snuck out in our pajamas,
bought a few milkshakes,
and enjoyed the Garden of Lights from our warm car.

story time :: lately Penny just lays her head near her sisters'
it's one of my favorite things.
working on our nativity story timeline

one more look at her first pigtails
I am excited to break out a few more traditions
in the next few weeks.
I love this season!!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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