Friday, November 22, 2013

i am thankful

There is a gorgeous tree in my neighbors yard, 
dressed in burnt orange. 
every morning as I sit by the window studying it's majesty,
I am reminded of God's faithfulness, 
and creativity.
 I am thankful.

This week, I have watched my oldest daughter
helping selflessly and taking care of her little sisters.
I am thankful.

I have cuddled and cared for my little "superman",
and have watched her snap back into herself.
I am thankful.

I have fed, cleaned, and wrestled the most wriggly toddler.
I am thankful

I have been aware of how God listens and answers prayers,
through my friends,
my sweet, wonderful, encouraging friends!
I am thankful.

I have observed my husband doing nasty jobs,
and caring for all his girls.
(he has been my steady chocolate supplier)
I am thankful.

I have talked with some friends about their recent adoption,
looked through photos of their reunion
with tears in my eyes.
I get to meet their new daughter really soon.
I am thankful.

I have felt the weather get colder,
and watched my dingy little town show its best colors.
I have unplugged, and taken in the crisp autumn breezes.
I am thankful.

I have been bitter, angry, exhausted, and weepy,
but I have also been excited, refreshed, joyful, and content,
and thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
see you in a week or so!

I hope you eat pie,
lots and lots of pie!! 

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