Tuesday, November 5, 2013

my best friend

Today, I am thankful for this guy:

Really I am thankful for him every day,
yep it's cheesy,
but every single day I am thankful to have him as my best friend.
It's so fun to remember all of our time together.
The awkward picture my dad asked for as juniors,

ciy summer conference 2003
photo cred - my dad

the still awkward interaction on a church trip as seniors.
Then going to the same college next semester,
and the giddiness I felt when I walked into my very first class,
and Mr. Greer sat down in front of me!
Followed by years of marriage, babies, 
and loads of laughing.

we're engaged!
I love this guy!
I admire his servant heart,
always doing the jobs others don't want to do.
I am encouraged by his diligence,
working hard even when it seems fruitless.
He is steady and loyal.
I say this quite often because 
I feel so strongly about its truth,
he is the FUNNIEST person I have ever met,
and laughing is one of my most favorite things!

photo via Lane Moss Photography
While our life together hasn't been easy,
its been fun, full of growing and little girls.
We are stronger because of it all,
and we will continue to grow our love.

I have been greatly blessed to have you as my husband,
the "Yea Yea" to our girls,
my pilot on our adventures,
and  my best friend.
Thank you for working so hard for us,
for loving us so abundantly,
and for leading us boldly.
Yours Forever

Who are you thankful for today?

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