Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 / 5 2

+A portrait of each of my children every week for 2014+

Sonora: she absolutely loves all things soccer right now, her first practice was last night. It was so fun seeing her run, work hard, make new friends, and cheer on her teammates. What she lacks in aggression she more than makes up for in her enthusiasm. 

Cordelia: "Mama, I so happy because I so warm!" Found out this week, with all the Oklahoma wind, this one loathes having wind blow in her face/ears/hair. She stopped, panicking in the parking lot the other day because the wind was so biting and fierce. 

Penelope: This girl does absolutely anything to see you laugh, and once you start she repeats it over and over again until you stop laughing or ignore her. Lately, she puts things on her head and whips it around searching you for some sign of amusement, then she fat chuckles. It doesn't take too long for me to give in and laugh right along with her.

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