Thursday, February 6, 2014

little cordie is 3

Hi little 3 year old,

I can't believe it, you made it!!
After 3 years of crazy illnesses,
weird bites, odd rashes,
and horrible head bonks,
you are still here!
And we could not be more thrilled.

All joking aside, your dad and I are some of the most blessed parents on the planet.
You are hilarious, so fearless, and headstrong.
You love to sing, play and joke.
You, our 2nd daughter,
are a beautiful child.
So often, while watching you play and interact,
I am wowed by your marble-like, sapphire eyes
so focused on figuring out how to make those blocks do what you want.
You purse your lips too while you work,
and those same lips can produce the biggest pout I have ever seen.

You love all things Superman still,
and I like that.
You are also fond of the snowman from Frozen, Olaf,
and lately have asked to watch "The Croods" every day since it came on Netflix.
You made your own cake this year, chocolate bear-shaped cake,
with white frosting, blue sprinkles and Superman on top.
It was delicious!
You are a great and intentional helper.
You try to always look for ways to help me,
and I find it inspiring and challenging!

As I sit here this morning, just 5 days after your birthday,
watching the gorgeous snowfall,
I reminisce about the day you were born.

February 1st, 2011
during the huge blizzard.
You were by far my easiest delivery and 
were simply the sweetest,
quietest little infant.
You had the most delicate features,
surrounding these two searching eyes.
Your hands and feet were a little purple,
so I warmed you up by laying your new baby self on my skin.
The way you looked at me, I felt like I had known you for so long already.
You are my favorite snow day gift.
As we left the delivery room,
I remember being wheeled down the hall,
windows on each side,
watching fat fluffy snowflakes cascade down all around me.
I was in a snowglobe, and for someone who adores watching snowfall,
it added to the specialness of the day you were born.

I hope you always stay brave, headstrong, and curious.
God has given us you, this special girl,
and I hope to help you grow to know Him, love Him and serve Him.

Dear girl, your daddy and I love you times a billion!


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