Monday, February 24, 2014

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+a portrait of each of my children every week for 2014+

Nora-girl: she calls it "kiting" and I don't want to correct her.  We spent a few hours at our local park on Saturday and she spent majority of the time flying her kite and wanting to make friends with fellow kite-flyers.

Cord: She is such a fan of swinging, the entire time she yells "Higher!" and giggles. I snapped this with my iPhone, and IGed it, because i can't get enough of her joyful smile!

Pip: She is letting me do her hair now!! I am in full swing with "fountains" and "piggie-tails". And since starting piggie-tails for her, my older girls want them too!

Happy Monday everyone!! 
Our weekend was filled with house projects, 
family time out and about, and some wonderful meals.
I feel pretty blessed that I get to spend my days 
with these cool girls and their wonderful daddy!

How was your weekend? What are you thankful for today? 

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