Monday, March 10, 2014

backyard awesomeness

Turns out, I don't just have the funk, I have an acute sinus infection.
So that hasn't helped over the last week.
And while my weekend was not busy,
and not fun,
 I did make pie,
but couldn't taste it,
today started with a diagnosis and medicine to help.
Things are looking up.

looks so good, more on this guy later.

Turns out that at least for this week, spring is here.
High today in sunny OK was 75,
so I knew I couldn't just keep my girls inside even if I felt like sleeping all day.

Cue backyard awesomeness.

they were playing ninjas that plant flower trees, because bad guys chop them down
also note, BAREFEET!

sheer joy at digging in the dirt

"Mom, I thought she was dead, because Cord cut her in half
(accidentally) but Chocolate Brownie is moving!"
favorite moment of the day:
having been given flowers picked by my girls,
because they were the most beautiful in the land.

And after over an hour we headed inside,
I scrubbed the dirt off of them,
 and they had a blast in the tub doing cannonballs.
Now I am sitting, 
they are cleaning, 
and I am trying to make dinner 
without getting off the couch.
(someone say pizza??)

It's been a good day.

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