Friday, March 7, 2014

silly me

not in the funk...yet

I thought I was in the February Funk, turns out it's not specific to a certain month,
it's a lifestyle you have to break out of fiercely. Super.
As a former winter lover, I have grown weary of the teases of spring followed by sheets of ice, dropping temps and frozen pipes.

So I really want to dump this cold pity party,
and choose joy, choose gratefulness,
and choose happiness.

You know what I did,
I stopped keeping up with my "Eucharisteo".
I know, I know, it's bad. 
I love how something so simple could tie me so close with the Giver of all gifts.
I hate how easy it is for me to stop focusing on the thanks and wallow in my self pity.

I am writing a simple list here,
join along, because it is wonderful putting the focus off of ourselves,
and focus on thanking God, and even the minute things we have been given.

-a surprise package waiting at the door from my brother and sister.
-hot tea & honey
-messy side ponytails from playing so hard.
-giggles from a slow draining tub
-confidence from a flattering, well fitting swimsuit, thanks Mom!
- buckets full of grace constantly poured on our little family
-days full and days of relaxing
-singing with my littles in the car.
-wonder of Penny as she really sees & processes new things
-friends who check on you, cheer you on, and pray for you
-a dependable car
-fresh perspective
lap and heart full, thank you Lord!

Also, real quick before I duck away for the weekend,
fellow stay at home moms, do you give yourselves sick days? 
How does that look for you? Or is the guilt too great? 
Also, what are your most recommended ways of clearing painful congestion in the sinus region? 

 Happy Weekend friends!!

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  1. You have the most beautiful heart. I'm grateful for date nights with Tyler, raining weekends, fresh baked cookies, washi tape and pretty packages, smiles from friends, sleeping in, sunny days, open windows, vacuumed floors, and redbox nights.