Friday, March 28, 2014

Breakin' in Spring + pie

Ahh Spring….ehh.
Y'all might remember my last spring post,
Spring isn't my favorite.
this year feels a bit different.
Maybe it's because of my thankfulness journal,
my new swimsuit,
the psycho polar vortex,
or maybe our super, fun spring break trip to Gram and Pops.
Who knows?
But, I am loving this transition into Spring!

little birds singing every morning. 
The other morning,
 Nora woke up to the "beautiful songs of birds, it was so beautiful!!"

a favorite fairy garden,
Nora and her Gram worked one afternoon on our trip to 
put together a sweet little garden for two little fairies,
Cordie Fairy and Sapphire Crystal.

w i n d b l o w n
 I am not sure I will ever get acclimated to Oklahoma wind.
(this is MO wind, but I love her annoyed face here)

of summer. Let's get to the good stuff!
(picture from Iowa last summer)

rain on the wet, cool breezes. 
The other day, getting into the car, Cordie asked me, 
"Mama, what smells so good?"
"Spring, girl, fresh springtime air"

my first rag doll! I'm ready to try again soon!

my best friend's birthday in early April!

little girls' wardrobes from sweaters and fleecy jammas 
to sundresses and swimsuits!

Berries! Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.
we like to throw them on our oatmeal, our yogurt and granola,
or just eat them by the handful!
Remember a few weeks ago I made an apple pie on a drizzly cold day?
It was the best my crust has ever turned out.
I must share this pin that helped me out,
and this week I am thinking raspberry and blackberry pie, mmm!

 Happy Spring!! 
Now go make some pie!!

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