Monday, October 21, 2013

1000 Words

You know what they say,
"A picture is worth 1000 words."

She made a kite at church yesterday,
she couldn't wait to make it "fly in the sky"!
So on a relaxing autumn day, she pulled off her tights,
and went running all over our back yard,
yelling "Fly kite, fly!".

Her sweet determination,
her beauty,
her playful spirit,
her joyful voice
her chubby cheeks, the last remaining of her baby features,
are all perfectly captured here.

I hope to always remember her this way!

Happy Monday!
What are some of your favorite captured memories?


  1. This is so sweet! And that photo is so cute! I think I have tons and tons of favorite captured memories, but the first one of thought of was my wedding!

    1. Thanks! That was a beautiful day! I am so glad you had it captured so well!

  2. We have been flying our kite around our house too! They loved that craft!