Thursday, October 17, 2013


one of my most favorite blog reads is 
She is inspirational in her perspective,
cooking, and lifestyle.
She recently photographed this cookbook,
and I seriously can't wait to own one!

 she focuses on quite often on
the little things in life that sometimes are overlooked,
due to business, wants, and ungratefulness.
So I am writing down my list here,
of things that I am so very thankful for right now,
and my hope is that you can relate and notice
all the little things right now!

nora girl's leaf boat

my girls: that's a given and a big thing, but even when I am exhausted, I am reminded
how blessed I am to get to be the one pouring into their lives right now!

hot coffee and warm oatmeal mornings: its getting so nice in the night that our house
is so chilly when we wake up! Enjoying this simple breakfast each day warms me up,
I usually just add oats and water to a bowl,
heat it up,
add honey, cinnamon, and whatever extras I have on hand,
almond slivers,
and sometimes chocolate chips!

watching the Broncos win with my family: between the "Go Broncos!" 
and the touchdown dances,
Sunday afternoons are pretty fun for us.  

My Bed: with clean sheets and flopping our grey down comforter on it 
for these chilly nights!

and here are a few more:
no bug bites
sunsets in our favorite colors
smell of wood burning
tights and boots
baking, everything!
baking smells in my house
louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald pandora station
pretty light in my house
kicking an attacking goose in the head  
(if you would like to know the whole story, just ask, I love telling it!)
clean floors
my girls playing for 20 minutes with no fight-- sorry just had to break up something.
watching funny shows with my husband
road trips

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  1. amen and amen to this post! love you friend! beauty in the small (and big) things!