Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Little One

Dear Little One,

     One, one year old, ONE?! How?! Why?! 

I love you, Penelope, you are a beautiful soul!

I love your constant smiles and laughter,
(after your first three colicky months, whew).

I loved watching you dive into your first birthday cake,

like you had totally done this before,
like you thought it might go somewhere.
We like to joke about that poor piece of cake,
you couldn't get enough.
You appreciate food, a lot.
You're favorites include but definitely are not limited to:
sweet potato fries
chicken with rice
and obivously, birthday cake

You love to be outside.
Swinging is your favorite thing to do at the park,
and you would sit there all day if I allow it.
Whenever we go outside I follow chase you around 
grabbing everything from your mouth.
You crawl so fast, I know that once you start walking/running, 
I won't be able to catch you.

You are passionate.
We can't wait to see the little girl you will grow into,
but at the same time, please don't grow too fast.
You play intently and you love toys and eating books.
You are persistent and focused.

You love your family,
you just love to be around us.
You play with your sisters and can definitely hold your own,
cracks me up how awesome your grip is.
And even the doctor remarked,
"Wow, she is very strong for a 1 year old."

 I love seeing your face light up when you see me or your dad.
(I won't hold it against you that you have said "Yea-yea" before "Ma-ma",
I may bring it up from time to time though).
You love to wait at our glass door, smacking it till you can see us coming.
You shower us with so much love, we are thankful.

Little Pip, you are our joy! 
We are blessed by your life!
I can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with you!