Friday, October 25, 2013

friday feet

It's friday! 
Yes! What are you all up to this weekend?
Our weekend is full of pumpkin patch fun,
costume designing and making,
and roast!!!

And have you all checked out my friend and wonderful cousin in law,
Samantha's blog or Etsy shop?
Please do both, she is incredibly inspiring, and has started a great Christmas Exchange 
that sounds like loads of fun!

Without further ado,
from California,
Samantha's Friday Feet ::

"I'm constantly learning new things; 
things about social media, things about sewing, things about life. 
And Jesus has been teaching me how valued I am. 
It's been a tough to grasp, 
but he is patient and works slowly to heal my brokenness."

Also, check out these instagram submissions
from @annairwin23

full of autumn!!
Thanks Anna!
And don't forget to instagram your feet today using 

Have a wonderfully splendid weekend!!

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