Monday, January 13, 2014

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+ a portrait of my kids every week for the year 2014+
Nora-Girl :: This past week I took her to school to sign up for Kindergarten, 
                       upon introducing herself to the secretary she said, 
                     "Wait a minute, I know some ballet!" and followed it 
                      with a most graceful pirouette. I am excited to celebrate her 
                      5th birthday this week!!

Cordie :: She wants to do everrrryything by herself. "No, I do it, Mama!" 
                 She loves her toothbrush, top knots, and dancing. 
                 This weekend, after put her in her bed for nap time,
                 she got out and I couldn't find her! After searching and yelling her name
                 I found her in our closet behind her Dad's shirts, resting. This kid can hide!

Pip :: this girl loves to eat and is the most talkative eater.
           Someday, I might have to teach her to not talk with food in her mouth,
          but for now, I am going to let it ride, because I think its just so cute!

Happy Monday! 
Our week is full of celebrating Nora girl,
teaching piano lessons,
hopefully, lots and lots of playing outside.

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  1. Loving your photos! These are so cute! And I love reading stories about your littles. :)