Friday, January 10, 2014


Right now, I am enjoying the book,
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
I have been recommended that book by many friends,
(read my inspirational friends blogpost that mentions it),
and even while I was at the library holding it in my hand,
a new friend raved about it to me.
I couldn't wait to read it, and now it is kicking my rear.

After so many days of being ungrateful, coming down hard on myself,
and completely stressed as a mom with 3 under 5 (not for too much longer)
I began reading this poetic story, challenging my heart and mind.

So today, after an exhausting, stressful morning of grocery shopping,
preceded by a night where 4 1/2 hours were devoted to helping my girls sleep
(thank you husband for letting me try to catch up this morning)
I am going to write a list of a few the things I am thankful for today.

enchanting foggy treetops
hugs that make amends
husband -- in his entirety
chocolate cheers with Nora girl
reading Little House on the Prairie with my oldest 
a baby that pats your back during hugs
cup of coffee that warms my hands
my unconditional love for my girls
His unconditional love for me
big puddle splashes
rain boot squeaks
heavy wool blankets
the taste of a perfectly ripe banana
fun mail days
the thankful heart of Cordelia
fresh herbs
brand new turquoise moleskin notebooks
of which to fill with "eucharisteo"
literally translated - give thanks.

I am anxious to learn to live life with thanksgiving to My Savior,
My Creator, My Father.
 I am encouraged by the words of Ann Voskamp:

"I am mother-tired, 
but when my soul doth magnify, 
my time doth magnify."

May you all have weekend 
full of thanksgiving and joy!

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