Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nora Girl and the Cord :: on boogers

No kidding, a conversation I had with these two today.

N: Mom, look at this booger! What's on it?

Me: That's a little bit of blood, 
sometimes when it is really cold and dry,
our nose gets tiny sores in it that bleed a little.

N: Ha! Okay well I almost ate it but then I saw the blood,
so I am glad I didn't eat it.

Me: You eat your boogers?

C: I eat my boogers but 
I don't eat my boogers if there is blood on them,
just my own boogers.

Me: (throws up a little in my mouth) 
That's disgusting.

Someday, girls you will read this and probably say,
"Gross Mom! I can't believe you told everyone we did this!"
Sighs of disgust and eye rolls all over.
But you did say it, and I want to remember it.
You girls crack me up,
and I love you both dearly.

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