Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 day no make up challenge

My dear friend, Aanna, wrote this post on her blog a couple months ago.
(good stuff, huh?)
30 days with no make up? ehh no big deal.
I thought, I could totally do that.

I didn't,

I was too insecure.
My nose is too red,
my eyes are too dark and tired, and 
my eyelashes are too unruly.

The words of her post stuck with me.
"she wanted to be comfortable with the beauty that God gave her."
that's pretty inspiring.

As a mother of three beautiful tiny girls,
I want to be an example to them
of that comfort.
I want to be a mom 
who is secure in her own beauty,
who embraces the camera.
(because let me tell you, trying to capture a picture of me, let alone no makeup me, is quite awkward)

day 1 - see, awkward!

 So, let's do it!
I don't wear much make up, 
I think I am making up for junior high Eden 
with the white and light blue eyeshadow, YIKES, 
but I am now going without
for 30 days.
My new morning routine is
-- exfoliating scrub
-- lotion with sunscreen
-- fix my hair
-- pinch the cheeks 

day 2

I will definitely let you know how it goes! 

disclaimer: This is a personal challenge, I am not judging you on whether you wear make up or not. I simply want to be an example for my daughters. I want to push myself to love things about me I shy away from. If you want to try this challenge with me and need support let me know, I am all about encouragement. 

how long could you last without make up? a day? a week? forever?

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