Monday, April 29, 2013

choose joy

Design by Kelly Cummings

Joy, a choice?
I totally agree.
Sometimes even P has to choose joy, ha!

We choose joy by celebrating 
our two year old who is becoming a little girl,
(man, potty training is hard!)
our seventh month old healthy baby,
our energetic, sweet four year old,
and our friendship and love,
our family.

We chose joy by focusing on
what he has done for us,
how much he loves us,
even though we don't deserve it.
ALL that He so graciously gives to us.

We choose joy by not letting 
frustrations and worry rule.
We rest in His faithfulness.

And by choosing joy
our weekend was splendid.
We were blessed, we are blessed, 
and we hope to bless.

i hope to always remember this joyful weekend

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