Thursday, May 2, 2013

#nomakeup430 with Guest Blogger, Molly Coburn!!!!

So, after two weeks of not wearing make up,
something in me clicked.
I really didn't think about it,
it stopped being my routine,
lining my eyes,
I appreciated the ease in which I left the house,
I loved how my skin felt,
and even though I may wear it again,
I have grown to love (seriously!) how natural my face looks.

When I set out to do this challenge, I invited any one who wanted to join me,
and some one did!!
I was thrilled so I asked her to write about her observations at the end of the challenge.
Molly is a stay at home mama of two sweet, adorable girls.
She was actually a friend of my older sister,
and we attended church together growing up.
She has gorgeous blue eyes,
a great sense of humor,
and immense love for her girls.
Here are her thoughts:

challenge: accepted 

Let's see, I joined in on the fun because you wrote about the idea on your blog. I thought, "let's do this- I shouldn't need make-up to feel normal."

Let's go back a little bit. I have never worn much makeup, nor have I ever spent much time "primping". I am laid back about my hair and makeup, but I always wore a little. I would color in my eyebrows, brush on some mascara, and try to even out my skin tone with foundation. That's not "too much", right?  No, I don't think it is, but I pretty much felt like a tired looking slob, without it. Even if I didn't wear makeup all day, I would put a little on, to feel good about seeing Jacob when he got home from work.

Giving up makeup this month has forced me to be okay with (what I saw as) my frumpy, naked face. Since I couldn't fix my imperfections, I had to be okay with them. Now, I look at my naked face and don't notice my light brows and rosy cheeks- I notice how losing some baby weight has changed the shape of my face (and I look healthier).

I took a break from wearing makeup this April, and I think I like it. I can't promise that I won't wear makeup in May, or June, and after, but I think I'm over "needing" it.

As for my daughters, Zoe (almost 3) and Alice (1), I hope they see me as a good example. May they grow up thinking that makeup is a want, not a need.

Molly and her youngest at the beginning of the challenge! Beautiful mom and daughter!

I love that!! I hope the same for my daughters as well.
Thank you so much, Molly!!

On to more challenges!! Happy Weekend All!

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