Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here's a little peek
of what we have been doing

Last week,
Levi, Pen, and I drove to Texas,
(the big girls stayed with Gram and Pops)
to attend Catalyst,
a two day conference packed with
intelligent speakers
encouraging us to make,
to do, to start now.
We listened to them.
We were overwhelmed by them.
We were affirmed by them.
We are thankful for them.

I had my very first and second In-N-Out experience!
she loved the hotel!
finding new coffee places, our favorite
The Pearl Cup

May Summer Shape Up
My dear friend, Aanna, began a workout program
designed by her friend, Abby,
and invited her readers to join her.
Since I just finished #nomakeup430,
I was ready for a new challenge.
Plus, about 25 people are joining her as well,
and that is just fun!
So I have been lifting canned beans,
dancing till I sweat,
getting incredibly sore,
LOVING every minute of it!
More on this to come.

Potty Training Cord
She is getting it!!
Her Gram and Pops were consistent with her,
and after many accidents,
she is doing so great!
She however cries when she poops in the froggy potty.
(It isn't like I make her clean it, she just knows it belongs in the big potty)
She now cheers when anyone goes potty.
When she hears "Yaya" (Daddy) flush, "Yay Yaya!"
When, she watches me, (Is privacy still a thing? HA!) "Yay Mama!"
When she and Nora sit side by side on the potties,
"Yay Nahh, Yay Dahdee!"
And when Pen has a dirty diaper,
she says, "Yuck, no no, pah-ee."(potty)
Oh yea, it's fun!

Getting back
once we were reunited with our girls,
(finally!! it's interesting how quickly you miss them!)
reality came back really, rrreeaallyy fast.
the weather is getting warmer!!
Soon, we look forward toward
-spending all day in our swimsuits
- camping
-road trip to my parents!

What have you all been up to lately? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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