Tuesday, May 28, 2013

some days

most days,
most days are full of fun,
and dancing.

most days look like this in the summer
P :: 8 months old

some days are full of stress,
complete exhaustion.
Thursday last,
that was quite a day.

I had every intention of having a most day.
The morning would be spent running a few errands,
and then playing for the rest of the day.
Levi and I were planning on going on a date,
we wanted to see Star Trek
(don't you?)
We were excited,
the girls were anxious for their babysitter
 to come and play.

we went to Wal*Mart,
(that was part of the plan)
and while we were there,
our Cord took a nasty fall OUT of the cart.
It was one of THE worst feelings I have ever endured.
Waves of emotions engulfed me, 
while the goose egg on her head grew. 
I scooped her up,
while "wearing" Pen Pen,
and checked her out. 
We rushed up front,
an inconsolable toddler,
groggy frustrated baby,
a preschooler pushing her own little cart, 
and a mama with panic in her eyes,
and pit in her stomach.
After receiving some help,
we left, got into our car,
and then I lost it.
Weeping and scared, I called my husband 
and then headed to his office.
He called the doctor,
I had some water to calm down,
and some wonderful women checked Cord out,
while making all three girls chuckle in the back seat.

(fast forward a few hours)

My doctor was out of her office,
and I had not heard back from the on-call line.
Cord's goose egg wasn't as swollen,
but as it turns out she had also hurt her foot in the fall,
and couldn't walk on it.
So we packed up,
took Nora and Pen Pen to our friend's house, 
and drove to the ER.
(45 miles away)
After X-rays, we found out that there were no breaks
just bad bruising,
 and her head looked great!
Thankful, relieved,
and humbled, we headed home.

I know,
we will go through more injuries.
I will have to watch my children endure all sorts of pain.
It will be hard, 
and I may just want to lock them up in a padded room 
filled with bubbles and ice cream,
but someone very wise once told me,
"I have to remind myself, that they are HIS,
and HE has given them to me."
I pray and hope for my daughters to cling to Him,
because I know I did on Thursday.

And I am thankful for these some days,
for make most days
more precious,
and sweeter.

I rrrreeally need a nap today.

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