Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 10 on May 10th

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Shout out to all moms for mother's day!
Special S/O to Cindy Shivers,
an incredible mom,
and friend.

For my May Top 10 post, I would like to honor my mother! 

My sister, brotherand oldest daughter helped me with this list,
and guess what?
I totally learned something new about my mom!
So thankful for her!

Top 10 Memories of My Mom

1. She would always wake me up with a kiss.
There was one morning in particular where I was already awake,
so when she leaned over to kiss me, 
I threw my head up and hit her in the nose.
Sorry, Mom!! 
Even after that, she still would kiss my forehead awake.

2. She let me bake with her often.
My mom is a great baker, she always let me help.
And of course, lick the spoon.
She taught me everything I know.

3.  She has the softest, prettiest hands.
She would completely disagree, 
but I remember whenever I would reach 
to hold her hands, which I still do, they were so silky and comforting.
She has fantastic mom hands, very warm.
Her nails are always pretty too!

4. She made books come alive and my love of books and reading definitely comes from her -- Sister
Most every night we had story time as a family when we were little. 
I remember her reading The Chronicles of Narnia to us, and many other books.
My sister also mentioned the quality of books mom introduced us to.
She would try and find what style/genre we liked to read
and then offer us as many books as she could.
I truly hope to pass on that love to my girls.

5. When we were really little and used to play outside, 
mom would sit at the kitchen window and sketch us. 
I loved looking at her sketches 
and I always thought it was so special that she would 
take the time to just sit 
and draw and enjoy us as we played. -- Sister
What?? How cool is that? 
I don't remember that at all, 
and I hope she saved some of her sketches! 
I always thought my mom an artist,
she taught me to draw faces.

6. "She plays games with me" -- Nora
My mom loved playing,
she would look for opportunities to meet us,
engage us in our imaginations,
she would even play catch with me and my brother.
And she does that for my daughters too!

7. She oozes love in her looks. 
When Nora was born, I will never forget as I handed her to my mom. 
She was the third person to get to welcome our first into this world. 
Her love for me and my child gave me confidence
 that if I could just be like her, I could be a terrific mother.

8. She is always good at making us laugh, 
whether on purpose or accident.
My brother loves a story
 involving Fudgesicles and the Senior Minister's son,
but if I share it my mom may send me to my room forever.

9. She would rub our feet and legs when we had growing pains.
I remember as a little girl,
laying in bed, whimpering because my leg ached.
And my loving mom always came in,
gave me some tylenol,
and would gently rub it till I fell back to sleep.
She never complained either.

10. She taught us great lessons.
I had a couple rough years from High School and into College,
but my mom knew how to comfort me.
She reminded me to take life lightly,
that sometimes, the things we think are so important,
truly don't matter.

What are some of you favorite memories of your 
mothers, grandmothers, special women in your life? 
How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

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