Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Wow, guys, thank you!
Your kind comments regarding my last post 
made me feel very encouraged
and I hope that I was able to 
encourage you all as well.

So, this no make up challenge 
has been just that, a challenge.
There have been quite a few mornings
where I tell myself, 
A little eyeliner would make your eyes look so much better.
Its okay, you didn't get any sleep, and your dark circles are rough.
Then on Saturday,
I woke up to a HUGE zit on my cheek,

But, every time I close my make up bag,
give myself the "You CAN do it" pep talk.
I try to focus on what I really like about my features.
My eyelashes rock,
my eyes are a pretty color,
my nose isn't THAT red,
and that scar on my nose
is just so me!!

I walk away from the mirror
back straighter,
smile brighter,
and more joy in my heart,
because HE created me,
and that is the most incredible feeling.

Halfway there!!

my new specs from BonLook

Also check out this great documentary from Dove on real beauty

What do you like about you? I really want you to go to your mirror and find your best feature and focus on that! I would love to know what you discover!

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