Friday, April 12, 2013


As a very young mom,
with three very young daughters,
strangers often feel that they know me.
I often get asked if they are all mine.
I am told at least twice anytime we go out, 
"You've got your hands full."
(We have heard that so much, Nora asked what it means.)
I usually try to respond to those people with,
"Full of sweet, good girls"
But, sometimes,
they just don't want to hear me.

People of the World!
I don't regret for one second 
my three precious, sweet gifts.
I always, I MEAN ALWAYS,
wanted to be a mom.
It happened sooner than I expected,
but seriously, I wouldn't trade my life 
for anything!!!
(Sorry, for yelling. Stepping off soap box now)

We made the trek to Wal*Mart.
While desperately trying to find bananas that weren't bright green,
a woman walked by saying, 
"Oh Honey, I feel for you!"
I may have responded with a very annoyed look on my face,
but was quickly distracted by the toddler yelling, 
to which, I met with a mimick and a quick tickle to her ribs.

Shaking it off, I looked up to see another woman looking at me.
She said, 
"Congratulations on your three beautiful, well behaved girls.
I can tell you are very passionate about being a mother.
Thank you."

With a huge sigh, and tears welling in my eyes, I whispered,
"Thank you."

I wanted to hug her, 
say, "Thank you for understanding, I am completely blessed. You have made my day.
 God has been so so good to me."
But, I could barely get out the thanks.
I think she did understand though. 

So my challenge to myself and you, is find someone this weekend
and encourage them, help them, make them feel respected.
Because, I know, that it can stick with them,
and drastically improve their day.

Happy Weekend All!

Let's go play!

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  1. Eden, I love your thoughts here, and your response of having your hands "full of sweet, good girls." I'm never quite sure what to say to people who make comments like that when we're out, but in my head I'm always thinking, "I have 2 wonderful, good-natured boys that I wouldn't trade for anything and I love them so much I want more! Hah!" So, thanks for the idea of a sweeter response. :-)
    Also, I just recently started reading your blog, but it has already been very encouraging to me (especially with the no-make-up posts lately), so thank you thank you. Keep it up! Your thoughts are beautiful and your wisdom worth sharing.