Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10

10 Awesome Things about My Guy

1. His love for coffee rivals my own. He is my favorite coffee date. 

2. He is the best girl dad. 
(Our three are so blessed to have him as a father, which means God knew what He was doing all along.)

3. He always smells good, like really good.
(Seriously, check if you don't believe me)

4. He is the funniest person you'll ever meet.
(but, don't ask him to be funny, that just stresses him out)

5. He works so hard at absolutely everything he does.

6.  He doesn't let me win. ever.
(Once he even made me cry, because I am a sore loser)

7. He is about as loyal as they come.

8. He loves me well.

9.  He gets really passionate about God's Kingdom

10. He helps me clean.
(Boo ya!)

Happy Birthday Love!

I am so glad you chose me!

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