Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Toast to the Happy Couple

My baby brother married the most beautiful ballerina 
this weekend,
in the Smokey Mountains.
It was a wonderful, simple ceremony,
oozing with love and joy.


Let me catch you up on the longest trip of my life.
we woke up early on friday, ready to make what google maps told us would be a 13 hour drive to North Carolina.
we dressed and packed up our little car, Melvin, and headed east on I-40.
Not far down the road we needed to stop, I took all three girls to the restroom where within a matter of minutes,
i was reaching in a gas station toilet to get my keys that my precious baby knocked out of my hands while wiping, washing, and dressing my two other children.
18 hours later on the road at the great hour of 1:30 am,
we arrived, after a bajillion stops, terrible traffic through Nashville, and winding mountain roads.
Don't you feel sorry for me? 
You don't have to, I was pitying myself hardcore.


So the ceremony was followed by a cute lunch of sandwiches and southern sweet tea in mason jars, yum! 
It was crazy to look at the head table and see my little brother and his WIFE,
eating and smiling together. 

My brother asked me to stand with him,
and boy was that an unexpected honor.
As his co-best woman,
I felt like I wanted to make a toast,
but because of corralling my littles for their nap time,
I didn't,
so I am sharing it here.
(with a lot less tears, and hopefully it is way more coherent.)


*Chink, chink, chink*

Hi, I would like to make a toast for the happy couple.
My baby brother is one of my most favorite people in the world.
He was always so fun, and willing to play anything with me,
barbies, dress up, tea parties, the list goes on.
As he grew, I noticed how much he loved Jesus,
I was amazed by his diligence in his quiet time,
and his convictionsHe also became incredibly sarcastic and ornery,
cracking jokes became his love language.
Hugging him was like hugging a tree,
stiff and scratchy.
(insert obligatory chuckling here)
I always knew he loved me,
he just wasn't very affectionate.

Fast forward to last year,
I got a call from my brother,
which was a rare occurrence.
He told me about this girl he had been talking to,
the ballerina.
He oozed affection just talking about her,
he was giddy, telling me,
"She is not like any other girl in the world!"
I thought it was sweet.
then he told me he was going to marry her,
he knew it.
I loved that.

Then I met Grace for the first time this past July.
I had heard so much,
my family bursted with love for this girl.
And as I stepped back into my childhood house,
we were introduced, and she hugged me first thing. 
Then Bracken hugged me, 
and it was like hugging a boa constrictor,
so tight your eyes bug out a little.
(big laugh)
and I knew they would be an amazing couple together.
And from that day on,
love has just saturated everything about Bracken and Grace,
and today it was wonderful to get to be part of this celebration.
I look forward to seeing how God will use your intense love,
I am excited to see little Brackens and Graces running around hugging everyone.
(me sniffling right now)
I love you guys, I love your love for each other and your families.
So let's raise our glasses in honor of their love,
may it be full of blessings, perseverance,
and hope.
Best wishes and
Bracken, thanks for my new sister!

*clinking of glasses and lots of sniffles*

We're so happy for you Mr. and Mrs. Bracken Shivers!

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