Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Feet w/Elah Tree

I am so excited to show you all my feet,
but as a bonus you get to see my sweet friend, Samantha's feet too!
Check out her sweet easy shop here! 
(I won a simple women's wallet and it's super!)

Samantha :: Blogging and sewing take up the majority of my days,
 but this week was filled with painting, baseball (my first Dodgers Game!), 
and late nights of AnimSquad. 

As for me, I really enjoy sidewalk chalk, in the morning with my Nora girl.
(note the crazy baggy jamas)
Especially after late late night talks with awesome friends!
I love being with family.
And it was legitimately cold this morning! Yipeeee!

want to join in on the fun? 

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