Tuesday, September 17, 2013

love names

The other day at supper,
Nora girl started asking us questions.
I LOVE four year old questions.


"Mom, what is my love name?"

After asking her about what she meant, she told us she had 
a beautiful name, and a nickname.
 Next, she asked,
"Is Nora girl my love name? The name you say when you love me very much."


She went on to note her sisters' love names,
"The Cord" and "Pip".


She even gave us love names,
"Mama-love" and "Daddy-love".

Thank you so much.

"Everyone has a love name."

True that double true, Nora girl.


We sat there completely humbled, feeling overwhelmed with our blessings, 
Nora girl, the Cord, and Pip.
I hope our three girls will always know that they are loved,
not just by us, but by the One who created them.
I also pray for them to love well.
I think its amazing the things that our kids will figure out on their own.

with my loves in Great Smokey Mountains

Do you know your love name?
Do you have love names for your kids?
What are things that amaze you about your Creator and his love?

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