Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pip is turning 1: birth story

This is Pip's very first birthday week! 
I can't believe it!
Sometimes time seems to move so slow,
but when it comes to my little ones,
I don't think it could move slow enough.

So thinking back to a year ago,
I wanted to share her birth story, but
also I wanted to write it down so I could remember it.

Pip was born in the same hospital as her father.
3 girls born at 3 different hospital in 3 different cities.
We arrived at the hospital @ 5:30,
we checked in and were led to a room.
My doctor came in checked me, 
broke my water with the crazy plastic stick thing, 
ordered the epidural, and 
went to his office.
I labor fast,
I did with the other two and felt like it wasn't going to be too long 
before they were telling me to push.
So we hung out in our room, and chatted with our nice nurse.
Contractions were getting stronger, but I was able to still breathe through them.

Then I got my epidural,
and the anesthesiologist was hilarious. 
I appreciated his jokes because this was the most the epidural had hurt me.
It helped instantly,
but I was still feeling sharp pains on my pelvic bone
with every contraction.
I asked my nurse about it, and she informed me that Pip was resting on that bone,
and the epidural didn't stop the pain on the nerves connected to the bone.
So I still was breathing through contractions,
crying a little, because my pain tolerance is zilch.

Okay where is Dr. Nilson?"
Those are words you really don't want to hear as a laboring mother.
"Honey, we're going to go try and get ahold of him again.
Let me know if you start to feel lots of pressure."
I looked at Levi,
my great encourager,
giving me ice chips and telling me that I am doing awesome,
and even he seems worried.
While the labor and delivery staff prep our room.
"Do you mind if some students observe your birth today?"
I think they ask you questions as you are mid-contraction 
so you are too distracted to say no.

"Did you get him?" my nurse asked another.
"He said he would be here in 15 minutes, about 20 minutes ago.
Well, it looks like I might be delivering your baby."

Okay, okay,
so my doctor isn't here,
but 5 med students are-
umm, pressure, I feel pressure, I need to push!
I really really needed to push.
So my nurse gets ready to deliver my baby and says the 
quintessential phrase.
"Okay, on your next contraction, push."

"Hey, I am here!!
Trying to deliver your baby without me?!
You went a lot faster than I thought."
He literally just put on his gloves,
told me to push and her head was out.
He told me to ease up, and made a joke about how 
strong my pushing was,
and I laughed,
the rest of Pip's little body out.
Seriously, pushed her our with a little polite laugh.

She was beautiful and sweet,
with tiny lips pursed.
She latched on immediately,
And Levi and I marveled at our third daughter.

7 lbs 6 oz 
September 27th, 2012.

Born into the world with a laugh,
and has kept us laughing ever since.

Next up: first 6 months of Pip's Life

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