Monday, September 23, 2013


this weekend was humbling.
and full of fun surprises.

started off my friday with a homemade chai tea with homemade whipped cream!

someone was excited about jacket weather!

hot cocoa by our fire friday night!


Humbling moment #1: Saturday morning was gorgeous, so I thought I would take the girls to the park to play and swing. As we arrived we noticed tons of cars, booths and loud music, so we thought we would check it out. We walked over to the swings, and stared at all the fun things going on around us. All three girls wanted to swing, and I begun taking turns pushing each. On my third time around, Nora girl yelled, "Push me harder Mama! I want to go so high!" The Cord agreed, "Push me hard too!" So I did, Nora girl giggled. 
And Cord,
well she went flying out of the swing, 
somersaulting in mid air, 
and landing on her bottom in the mulch.
Mother of the year.
All in front of about 400 people.
So I am brushing mulch out of her hair, 
comforting her, 
while Nora girl says, "um Mom, I am slowing down again."
Seriously?! How in the world did I do this?!
Then a kind woman approached me and said,
"All these booths are completely free. Would your girls like to go play? 
We have Horse rides, games, face painting,
inflatable bouncy house and slide, petting zoo, and sno-cones."
Cord instantly cheered up, 
Nora girl pumped her fist, "Oh Yeah!"
(think Vector from Despicable Me)
"Wow, thanks" was all I could say,
still feeling very embarrassed.

Some nice cowboys brought two horses to give kids rides, Nora girl was a natural,
they were amazed at how easy it was for her to get up.
She told them."I love My Little Pony, I watch it a lot."
Cord seemed really sad about her ride,
I am guessing she was being pretty shy to the cowboy riding with her.
All in all it was a great day, and now they both want a horse.


Humbling moment #2: 
Sunday was nice and relaxing.
Church was good, convicting good.
In his lesson to the students, my husband brought up Jesus washing the Disciples' feet.
A story I have heard and read numerous times.
But, this time Levi pointed out that Judas had already betrayed Jesus,
and Jesus knew, yet still continued to serve him.
Talk about a gut punch. 
So often when I feel betrayed and let down, 
I feel justified in my good riddance mind-set.
But Jesus, was sent to death because of this man, 
and still He continued to serve him.
This is the submission and love of Jesus, that we are asked to emulate.
(John 13:1-17)

So I will continue to serve and love, 
asking Jesus to help, because I can't do it by myself.

Thank you cool weather for the nice friday evening with my family.
Thank you Kelly B. Todd CP Walk for the fun saturday!
Thank you Jesus for your example and words!
Thank you Best Friend for your teaching and your serving heart!

What was your favorite part of your weekend? 
Did you have any "seriously?!" moments?
Do you feel like a better parent, thinking, 
well at least I didn't push my kid out of her swing? (geez, you're welcome)

Happy Monday all!

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